Would you pay for a Hugo video course?

Hey, would you or someone you know pay for a Hugo video course? How much?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Only if my employer paid

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Honestly, I don’t think I would. I prefer to read the documentation and have that be up-to-date.

The problem with videos, particularly video tutorials on YouTube (which you don’t seem to be asking about, but is my closest experience), is that they are quickly out of date and there isn’t anything in the video title or description to reflect that. This is especially true with the momentum Hugo has with making changes and improvements.

Also, I tend to find most video tutorials cover how-to topics too slowly. I end up playing them at 1.25 or 1.5x speed, just to feel like I’m making progress, then give up and try to find a written resource I can reference instead.

I’m sure others would appreciate videos though, especially less techy people than me. Personally, I think any Hugo videos should cover topics outside of the general Hugo documentation, like posts people make under “tips and tricks” or other “advanced” topics.

Theme-specific videos might also be useful, but that goes back to me preferring official documentation and fearing that videos will quickly go out of date.

As for how much… Depends on the quality of the videos and how much better they are at teaching something than the official docs. That’s not really a question I can answer, though, since I wouldn’t use them anyways.

Is the poll supposed to say if the “employee” or “employer” paid?

I can’t really say because I use Hugo every day, but just thought I’d point out that there is what seems like a pretty good series of videos out there, freely available that at least cover the basics : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLAZ4kZ9dFpOnyRlyS-liKL5ReHDcj4G3

That’s how I am. I hate video content for the most part.

That’s exactly what I’m thinking. I don’t think video content is too useful for the basics but more for advanced concepts and techniques.

Yes. I couldn’t change the option myself anymore but fortunately Bep fixed it for me.

Yup but Shadow53 brought up some good points above about the usefulness of them. I like that they were put into a playlist though. Very convenient.

FWIW I learned Redux from video much faster watching the creator explain it than I would’ve trying to do it on my own. This was a weekend activity and I did not charge my employer.

Sometimes video is really a great medium for learning, especially if it’s well produced and there is a meaning to have that visual component - like visually showing how things work or fit etc. I could see video being more effective than straight text, for explaining a concept like how go template blocks work.

Many times looking at video I have felt that I’d rather just read something, if the video presenter is droning on or, my “favorite”, reading the bullet points you can already see on screen.

Also, I hate those self-indulgent intro and outro brand-y bits, if they are too long.

I could see some videos working for people, if the video is designed so that it does not become stale immediately after release.

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