With AsciiDoc, how to force extra carriage return whitespace before headers?

I have a problem where the proper space before my headings, aka after a definition item, does not appear. (I think I cannot post a picture here.)

Here is some of the asciidoc. The “== What not to do” is a heading, but it is squished up next to the prior text. Does anyone see my bug or a fix? Thank you so much!

=== separator b was confused
2.[] ;WRONG? for a book, but no such book formatting, though maybe for markdown it was better ; ; ; ; X.Asciidoc Sample https://asciidoc.googlecode.com/hg/doc/book.txt ; ; http

NOTE: Asciidoc Sample https://asciidoc.googlecode.com/hg/doc/book.txt

TIP: and another doppleganger and bold in stars as usual, underscore and
backtick mono spaces see if that worked +

== What not to do

=== Comments inline fail.
//// BUG IS SHOWN; private comment to file, not displayed
160319s asciidoctor is the flavor I am using.

=== Toc must be in attributes only

end of the what not to do.

My install is v0.16-dev. I added my gohugo source’s binary to my path with a different alias, ‘hugo-dev’. On the 2015-11 published release of GoHugo, 0.13, I couldn’t get asciidoc to work, but using the source build it is working great, with no tweaks it seems. Thank you! I feel asciidoc is one big step closer to Notepad++ nirvana of clickable links, etc.