Asciidoc TOC not using render-heading.html template

I have a website where I need to import some asciidocs and render them in hugo and I’m running into issues where I’m not sure if hugo or asciidoctor might be the culprit.

My TOC is rendering without the full path link of the page ie: #anchor-tag instead of url#anchor-tag my render-heading.html partial has a fix for this but asciidocs for some reason do not use the template whereas markdown pages use it perfectly.

These are the options I have in my config.toml for toc and asciidocs

    endLevel = 4
    ordered = false
    startLevel = 2
    backend = 'html5'
    extensions = []
    workingFolderCurrent = false
    failureLevel = 'fatal'
    noHeaderOrFooter = true
    preserveTOC = false
    safeMode = 'unsafe'
    sectionNumbers = false
    trace = false
    verbose = false

And this is what my render-heading.html partial looks like:

<h{{ .Level }} id="{{ .Anchor | safeURL }}"><a href="{{.Page.URL}}#{{ .Anchor | safeURL }}" class="has-text-black">{{ .Text | safeHTML }}</a></h{{ .Level }}>

So I’m trying to figure out what might be the problem and how to fix it any ideas are greatly appreciated :pray: thanks.