Shortcodes put a space after using them


I have created a custom shortcode. I’m using it from AsciiDoctor. The problem is that it always puts a space behind.

I’m using it in the following way inside the ‘adoc’ files:

{{< shortcode-name "param1" "param2" >}}

Is there a way to avoid the space behind?

Bye and thanks.

This topic come up from time to time and I can say this for certain: Hugo does not add any whitespace.

So it must be either your editor or Asciidoc.

You can try this variant:

{{% shortcode-name “param1” “param2” %}}

Which will render the shortcode before it’s passed to Asciidoctor.


You were right, I have used the following command to remove the space:

truncate -s -1 <filename>

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