Why does hugo generates two html files for a single content piece, one of them being quite broken?

I have a small site made with hugo and gokarna theme: GitHub - skaurus/personal-site: My personal site, created with Hugo and Pulp theme.
Besides main page it has just one piece of content - content/CV.md
Why does hugo command generate two files for it - public/cv/index.html and public/cv.html, first one being the proper file, and the second one is something like stripped down and broken version?
My base url is https://skaur.us/, so you can check /cv/ and /cv URLs there and see for yourself.

I publish the site using Github Actions, to Github Pages. My local hugo version is 0.118.2 and Github Action configured to use 0.117 (for no particular reason), result is the same in these two versions.

There’s static/cv.html which gets copied over to public/cv.html. Probably not what you want.

Oh, thanks a lot! I’ll try to just delete it.

It helped :ok_hand:

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