Trying render list view using list content template

I need help on a simple list view. I want Hugo to assemble individual files, each having a link in it into one page of links. I’m sure I am making a simple mistake. Thanks in advance for any help!

I have multiple items in that I want to show in one page.

I made a directory in site_folder/content/layouts called link and put a template link.html in it with this code:

{{ range .Data.Pages.ByLinkTitle }}
<a href="{{ .Permalink }}">{{ .LinkTitle }}</a>
<div class="meta">{{ .Date.Format "Mon, Jan 2, 2006" }}</div>
{{ end }}

Copied from Now, in addition to NOT rendering my list content I have

ERROR 2017/03/13 08:20:49 Failed to add template link/link.html in path /home/captainordinary/doc/computer/wcas-beta/layouts/link/link.html: template: link/link.html:6: unexpected {{end}}
ERROR 2017/03/13 08:20:49 0 : template: link/link.html:6: unexpected {{end}}

layouts is separate from content. You should put your layout files in site_folder/layouts.

Also, I’m assuming this isn’t the full template. If it’s a partial template, you should put it in site_folder/layouts/partials.

Thank you. I incorrectly said the layout file was in content. Not so It is actually in site_folder/layouts where I think it is supposed to be. As for the view code being a partial, I don’t see that in the description (

This will be improved in future versions of the docs.

If this is your first Hugo project, I recommend starting with the base/block templates to get a grasp of Hugo’s template inheritance. I understand your confusion since this should be higher up in the navigation for templating. Moving forward, however, your best bet is to put this source in a hosted git repo (GitHub, BitBucket, Gitlab, etc) you can point me to to provide more context. LMK and I’m happy to provide some feedback.

Excellent! I will proceed thus. This is my first hugo project except the example in Quickstart. Very much appreciate your help.

When there is more youtube guidance and clearer docs, I think hugo will receive wider adoption. I see its enormous potential.

I agree. See the revamp I’ve been working on. Since you are a new user, I would really appreciate your feedback. Feel free to continue this thread, PM me through the forums, or (best option) add a new issue to the repo detailing your thoughts on areas of improvement.

You can ignore the Quick Start in the link I gave above. It needs to be completely redone, IMHO.

Thanks ahead of time for your input. Cheers!

My primary interest right now is solving my main problems (nav and how to strap the links together into a single page).

While I am flattered (and once the new docs are up and running, we’ll need the help!), my focus right now is really refining the new docs and, of course, my FT job that pays my bills. That said, keep posting on the forum and soliciting feedback. Put it up in a repo and provide solid examples of your issues for the community to pull from and you’ll be in good shape.

Also, just as a note on general privacy and safety, make sure to revise your above statement to not include your phone number. This is a great group of people, but you’ll just have to trust me when I say it’s best to not advertise that type of information on the web. Cheers!