Why anybody can post in "Annoucements"?

So subscribing to email notifications is useless, because even is spam is caught very fast, notifications emails are faster…

The Announcements category is meant for general use not only Hugo versions.

The spammer managed to post a topic for about a minute before I deleted them.

It is very rare that a spammer manages to actually post in the forum.

Maybe Announcements could be split in two categories:

  • One with Hugo version / plugin updates / new tools…
  • Another with “updated sites”, whatever that means?

The target public for those two categories is really different.

Maybe at least a sub-category for Hugo version ? Or reserve it for TL1 or TL2 users?

It used to be rare. This year, it’s already 5 mails out of 14.

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I am not the only forum moderator therefore I have not seen all of those messages.

In any case your request about limiting access to the Announcements category for users who have Trust Level 1 or 2 and above can be made only by a forum administrator.

cc: @bep

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Can you please limit posting to the Announcement Category to level 1 users and above?

Just now I deleted another spam message in this category.

There are people who subscribe to this category via email and the spam goes out to them.

We can no longer keep this category open to Level 0 users.




Thank you @bep !

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