What is the announcements category?

@moorereason and @bep started talking in the thread at https://discourse.gohugo.io/t/https-twitter-com-smiileliive/9418, but I can’t figure out what the conversation is about, it is just a comment about how many pages they are using.

The announcements category topic was created long ago, and was never filled in. Let’s get that filled in so it is clear.

As for that recent post, that seems like something I’d mark as spam and send a message to the poster about the guidelines for Announcements or whatever. I’d personally like the Announcements to be relevant to the project or major accomplishments, because I use categories to track what shows up or is emailed to me.

Is 300,000 posts announcement-worthy?

LOL! But there were topics about thousands of content pages and Hugo speed before.

Well I think that this category is meant for new software or events etc that are Hugo related. If memory serves me right Forestry.io was announced in this category.

I think launching a big site is an announcement. In fact, when we removed the showcase section from the docs, the idea was that people should be mentioning their sites here in the forums.

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Given that the links in that post are to a Twitter account URL, I presumed it was nonsense. The subsequent posts imply that person has discussed their site or something.

Anyhow, if the Announcements category is used to announce site launches, we ought to explain that in the about topic, and perhaps give hints for doing it well, like including a URL to the actual Hugo site.

Just edited that pinned topic in a super rough way. If you can’t edit it, it appears I can so just let me know what you want there. Happy to paste it in.

Never presume … It took me a few seconds to put 2+2=4, but all the links posted in that Twitter feed have the Hugo generator tag, so I would say this is fine.

And I’m not pedantic about these categories (they are indicative) unless it becomes a problem.

I think it would be great to use “Announcements” and things from Hugo or a partner and have a category to showcase websites. I posted one here already but I have more I’d like to share. I feel like I’m spamming without a dedicated category so I haven’t really done it.