Can't post in announcement thread

I wanted to share my benchmarks for Hugo in an announcement thread.
But somehow, I can’t reply there (or don’t find the appropriate button).

Can some1 help me out?


Maybe it’s locked (but it’s hard to tell without knowing which thread you’er talking about). I remember doing that once when people started posting bug reports in that thread.

I want to post in Hugo 0.95.0 Released - #11 by bep to share my (compared) benchmark results regarding this version.

OK, then I don’t know.

i believe that category is reserved for official hugo version releases. also 2 days from the last reply posts close means new responses cant be made. you wonder how i know? i spend half an hour trying to send thank you reply to jmooring for providing solution to an issue i had :slight_smile:

@midzer, here is my view of that topic (includes the link from this one):

Do you see the “Reply” button there? Also, please make note of any descriptive or error text when you look. :slight_smile:

Yea, ok, now I understand. The “announcement category” has a limit of trust_level_1 (meaning you have to hang around for a little to be able to post).
for you to be able to reply. We have had a lot of trolling in this forum (not from you guys), so that kind of makes sense as a general rule.


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