What part of hugo is responsible for changing characters?

I am trying to find a solution for my issue reported and addressed here.

Can somebody advise which part of Hugo code is responsible for changing foreign characters to their equivalent in plain English? like ąśćź > ascs.

There are quite some safe functions… Depending on the location of your code it might be safeHtmlAttr?

I don’t know your specific case, but in my case, with german special characters I used slugs and manual rewrites on tags.

In the content file

tags: muenster

and then in /contents/tags/muenster.md

slug: muenster
title: Münster

It’s a bit of handy work and I think it’s not possible to automatically rewrite those special characters. There is no such thing as a character map for special characters (as far as I know).

It’s not really that as not relates to any of my code. Is mostly in permlinks native HUGO function.

When any post (or tag, or category) contains letters like ąśćź in URL they are changed by HUGO to plain ascz which is as expected. Only one character in polish language Ł or lowercase ł is not changed and bit annoying.

ps. dont want to go through all posts to rewrite that if Hugo is doing this for me for all other characters.

That sounds like a bug to me. Your issue does not reflect that ONLY THIS ONE CHARACTER is not transformed. Maybe add that. Normally that tends to be some case of from-to-utf8-ranging in the function in question.

Any idea how to “add that”?

Like that: https://github.com/gohugoio/hugo/issues/7542#issuecomment-701392146

Did you try, in config.yaml:

RemovePathAccents: true

Yes and thats the issue, that the only one - single character from polish language is not changed.

It’s a bug, keep it in the issue on Github.