Make url use only ASCII characters

Hi, I am asking to know if there is a way to make this function to a url, I did not see something related to it in the documentation, only the safeURL and the humanize or urlize. ¿Is it possible?, If not, ¿How this function could be added?. I am uploading one of my sites to the ZeroNet service, but the urls can’t use anything more than ASCII characters, so I can’t use accents (á,é,í,ó,ú) in the directions, and has a Spanish speaker some list of certain titles and taxonomies can’t load. Some help would be really appreciated, Thanks.

In Hugo there are som many options that even I had to look up this one:



In config. I will not be all Ascii, but it will strip the Unicode accents for you in the URLs provided by Hugo and in urlize func.

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Wow, ¡Thanks!, amazing, I trough that something like this had to exist, ¿Do you find it in the documentation?, It would be really useful to known where to get all of this many unknown options.

The fastest way is to start with hugo config. Combine that with grep, say:

hugo config | grep path
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