What kind of designer should I look for?

Dear Hugonauts,

I have a simple website drafted in a 3rd party builder. I hired someone to implement it in Hugo.

The design I have is very basic/poor/ugly. I want to hire someone to develop and implement a beautiful design and - ideally - code it directly in my Hugo template.

What should I ask for on upwork or other freelancing sites? My difficulty is in explaining the right technical profile I am searching for and the requirements of the task. And, without asking for the right thing, the chances of getting a good design are low.

If possible, it would be great if I could find one person that knows how do create beautiful designs and implement them in html/css in the Hugo framework. What do you call this person?

If not, then what should I look for in terms of a designer? What is the best output of the design work so that another developer will be able to easily implement it?

Hope my question makes sense. It would be helpful to get direct recommendations of people/agencies as well.

Thank you.

Ho @davem ,

you can find a dedicated section here: services - HUGO

You may find the person you are looking for, and some inspiration to write your requirements


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