What is the right way to create a reusable, advanced card component of organizations? Is it possible at all with GoHugo?

Hello, friends! I want to create a blog about the best credit cards, where I will publish information about banking organizations, etc. Within my markdown articles, I want to create organizational cards that will show:

  • Organization image
  • Organization title
  • Rating
  • A few lines of paragraphs
  • Pros and cons and other elements.

Here is a similar card element design:

What is the best way to build an advanced component like that? And is it possible at all with Hugo’s capabilities?

Also component should be reusable, I mean I need to pass different type of information, because within 1 article - 10-15 bank organizations, etc.

You can create a shortcode that accepts identifier of the bank, and fetch bank information from data in shortcode.

Thank you, currently it is my thoughts!