Hugo Web Monetization Theme Component

Hey guys,

I initially wanted to add web monetization (intro and links in component README) to the internal templates of Hugo. After some discussions on my PR, I created a theme component.

First of all, thanks to all of the commenters on the PR!

I would love to get some feedback on the component. Is the README sufficient? Do you have another idea of how to make it even more user friendly?

Furthermore, is there a list for all of the components that exist for Hugo? How do you spread the word about components?

Thanks for your help!


Hi there,

Welcome, and thanks for this component! There is currently no central theme components listing that I am aware of. Some use hugo-theme-component as a topic tag on GitHub.

They post about it here :wink:

@sabinebertram it looks nice. I found a lot of code duplication here. I believe you can shorten it -