What is the correct way to add additional html to my hugo website

Hello all,

I am building a website for a friend which is essentially just going to be a portfolio/showcase of their small business.

There are 2 features my friend has asked me to implement that are not part of the theme I want to use.

One would be collapsible text and the other would be a contact/inquiry form.

I guess I can generate the website with hugo and them manually add the additional functionality by creating and editing the static html, css, js generated in ./public.

My question is, is this the correct approach or is there a better alternative to achieve such things with hugo?


Don’t edit the public folder. That would be not easy to maintain and more work to start with.
Personally I would create standard pages for each and make a shortcode to handle “collapsible text” and another to insert a contact form.

This is the documentation for creating shortcodes, correct?

If so then thank you! I shall look into it.