Shortcode packages (html, css, js)

After checking out hugo sometime ago, I’ve decided to try it out once more and wow!! Everything’s a lot nicer :slight_smile: Especially the shortcodes – I think it’s quite clever how it was implemented (just drop in an html and that’s it).

I’m in the process of converting my blog (again) from octopress/jekyll to hugo and I have a somewhat naive question.

Is there a way to do some sort of “package” for a shortcode? I’m converting a few of the shortcodes I’m using and some of them require custom css. Right now I put all the custom css the shortcode needs to use into the /static folder.

I was wondering if shortcodes can have their own css and js folders so that (e.g.) I can give someone a .zip file and instructions to unzip this package in their /layouts/shortcodes folder and that would work.

I’m sorry if this has been discussed before - I’ve been looking around in the forums and googling (but most of what I get from googling are movie related). I’d really appreciate it if I get a finger pointed in the right direction :slight_smile:

It’s not the prettiest answer, but you can zip layouts/shortcodes/blah + static/css/blah + statics/jss/blah and then tell them to unzip from the site’s folder.

I guess I’d also need to zip in the theme’s head section of the html so that I can include the call to the stylesheet :frowning:

Is there any plans for this in the future? I’m also starting to dabble in go and was hoping to contribute to hugo to get better experience. In that case, what would be the best approach? Are there any hooks while processing particular partials where another partial can fill it in (similar to rails’ content_for) ?