What is the best CMS for Hugo as of today?

Hi there,

I’m currently using Netlify CMS, but I’m curious if there are any better options. I’m using Netlify because it’s the name I’ve heard everyone mention. I’m curious as to what the Hugo community utilizes for a CMS. Are there any good options worth noting that others may not be aware of?

The most common use of cms is when clients require some changes, and instead of sending them to me, they can simply enter them in and modify them themselves.

The purpose of this post is to save time by eliminating the need to test each CMS individually to determine which one works best with Hugo. Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences.

Best Hugo-friendly CMS

  • Netlify cms
  • Strapi
  • Ghost
  • Hokus CMS
  • Dato cms
  • Forestry
  • Enwrite
  • Lipi
  • ACenterA CMS

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Am assuming you can’t change your poll at this point, but you might also want to consider CloudCannon.


I have created a custom one for myself at cms.usecue.com (Hugo-only). It can update a website within a second:

Yup, that is a git push, build AND deploy in less than a second on a 100+ page website. More info here.

For publicly available CMS systems, my top list is:

  1. CloudCannon
  2. Forestry.io
  3. NetlifyCMS

nice this seems really clean and easy to use are you using some open source code or all built from scratch?

See also this thread, dedicated to open-source CMS for Hugo: What is the best Open Source CMS for HUGO? - #21 by iaeiou


Hi @iaeiou thanks for sharing that post. Actually I have already seen that post and many others most of the cms are dead or dying so lets vote in 2022 the best cms for Hugo.

Netlify is open source kind-of, so I wonder why people use other cms which have alot of imitations etc or are not open-source.

I see Hugo as a long term SSG I will use for client work. I want CMS which can follow that same growth, and integrate nicely with Hugo. I want to use all the Hugo features and functionalities without limitation with cms.

I see netlify cms to be the best in my experience as it provides paid services which are really easy to use but also I can switch away when I want. Ghost have a modern UI comparing to netlify. but what other quality cms others use with Hugo.



nice this seems really clean and easy to use are you using some open source code or all built from scratch?

It is build from scratch and it is NOT open source NOR publicly available. I recommend using CloudCannon for most use cases. However… we all know that everything is for sale. If you run a web development agency (especially in Europe) and you are having issues with build time and GDPR regulations, I am happy to talk to you about the possibilities. Just send me a PM.


Definitely CloudCannon. Great editing and developer experience.


the user limit is really small for me, so it increase the costs alot but will try this thanks for sharing.