All the pages proposed on this feed are generated by Hugo.

327 000 pages, all generated in ~ 45min.

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Wow, that’s a lot on content…but 45 minutes seems slow. Can you share the summary output from a Hugo build? How many taxonomies and such do you have? What version of Hugo?

For 327 000 pages? Slow?

This has been discussed before. You cannot apply the 1ms/page to those kinds of sites.

Yes, it may sound slow, but I overloaded the API errors on the template side. Create cross navigation with Data. I’m on a project with a lot of technical debt. Then the chosen server is not really good. I had done some tests on Amazon AC2 I had had 3min build perfs on 280000 contents.

I’ll try to get you google crawl curves about SEO. It is very interesting to see these indexation curves, they are vertiginous. Static + light page it is the ideal equation for the business aspects of decision makers and get companies stuck in the Stack LAMP :slight_smile:

I’m aware of our previous discussions. I’m not meaning for my previous comment to be derogatory; I’m just curious what specific characteristics of this site make it relatively slower than most other sites (other than page count).

Hey, @jonathanulco what is the actual 327k page site?

The site is in the process of migrating (LAMP Stack) to Hugo, nevertheless the marketing is dragging its feet on the new Hugo homepage. There’s still a lot of work to do at the UX level. To answer the question we’re on Hugo.

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