What if i wanna create things like favicon and apple-touch-icon?


For now, i have been planning to build a website for personal projects by means of hugo, which is also known as a static site generator, after do some comparison between tools generating static site.

And then, I found out that spf13.com out there is a not bad starting point in order to costumize my own website. It’s unfortunate however, that i had no idea on how to create favicon and apple-touch-icon for mines after diving into the source of your site.

please shed some light on that issue as discribed above.

thanks a lot.


This site is about Hugo.

There are plenty of resources online that is a much better fit for what you ask. Tried Google?

bjornerik http://discuss.gohugo.io/users/bjornerik

April 14

This site is about Hugo.

Yeah, i see. that site is exactly one of examples of hugo. so then, i
think, that’s also a part of what i was asking here.

There are plenty of resources online that is a much better fit for what
you ask. Tried Google?

without no doubt, just ask around here after google.

You create icons using graphics programs like MSPaint or the GIMP. The Apple icons expect certain dimensions and bit-depth.


I’m going to assume you mean where do you place these files once you create them so Hugo uses them properly. They would go in your /static directory.

By the way, don’t manually create favicons, use http://realfavicongenerator.net/. It’s the best from the ones out there, it creates all the possible sorts of favicons. As spf13 says, put them into /static/ folder and they’ll be automatically copied into the root.


Yes, Real Favicon Generator is the way to go. It also takes SVG files as an input so you can create your icon as a vector in something like Inkscape.

While RFG outputs all the favicons/application icons you need their file sizes aren’t as small as they could be, so running them through a website or tool that can optimise them is a good idea (i use ImageOptim).

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thanks for your tips on my trouble. and, RFG is exactly an amazing site
that helps create amazing icons for websites.

here’s my wish list for hugo, which is add a tool written in golang instead
of others else that assists in creating logos and icons for websites and

Yes, http://realfavicongenerator.net/ is the bomb.