How to add a favicon if there is no static folder?

Hi there, excuse me if this looks stupid.

I recently started developping my website for sharing markdown notes, my resume, contacts infos and the likes as I’m starting a dev formation.

Used Jekyll, didn’t like the timestamp requirement for posts and hear it slowed down after a while if using too much tags.

Hence started using Hugo with GitHub - CaiJimmy/hugo-theme-stack: Card-style Hugo theme designed for bloggers template, using the template to copy a repo.

I got everything working except the favicon.
There is no static folder so I don’t understand how I’m supposed to edit the favicon.

Also, my site is broken if I use tags like that :
tags: linux dev

I’m forced to use this format which is not one I’m using with the notes I wanted to share :
- linux
- dev

I did something like that :

But it doesn’t work, no favicon showing.

Why not create a static directory and put the favicon there?

In any case, it’s difficult to help you because you don’t show your repository. Images of your directories and of a (which?) config file just don’t cut it.

I’m using this exact repository, and yes I tried putting it inside a static folder, with or without an img folder, I tried every different combinaison with or without a / at the beginning, nothing works.

I don’t understand why the template doesn’t even have a static folder even thought the documentation specifies it. And it’s one of the first used Hugo template, which is why I chosed it, I thought it would be user friendly.

The theme’s documentation is quite clear:

  1. Edit config/_default/params.toml, adding favicon = '/favicon.ico'
  2. Create a static directory in the root of your project
  3. Place favicon.ico in the static directory

Yes I know that very well, but I’m here cause it doesn’t work on my end doing that, which I don’t understand. Maybe there’s something else or a way to debug what currently get my website for icon if he manages to get anything at all ?

I managed to make it work using a git clone of the official repo.

I think the quick-start template is not up to date, it has some toml config instead of yaml that everyone seems to use in the git repo issues. Even thought I used the correct string, same as the screenshot here but with a toml formatting (see my original question here), it doesn’t work on the quick-start template provided on the install docs.

So I guess I’ll have to learn how to make a clean HUGO install of a site with a theme myself, use the proper repo, and configure it my way ! Thanks anyway, I’ll be glad to learn any tips you have concerning a clean theme installation o/

Hi there, small update :

Following the Hugo doc, I created a git repo, created a new hugo site, put my hugo stuff inside my repo.
Then I created a submodule for your theme.
Then I copied the example site into my base dir.
Now I deleted the HUGO.toml and figured the site not changing was because of the language section of the config.
I now try using config.yaml, i aded /favicon.ico and my favicon inside static/ folder and it works using a force refresh on Firefox CTRL SHIFT R

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