What does Hugo know when doing template metrics?

Hi there devs and people with knowledge of Golang :slight_smile:
I was wondering if it would be possible to add some form of indicator column to --templateMetrics to show that a partial is included via partial or partialCached only? I am using this parameter often, but having to check if those with a 100 are always cached is quite boresom if you have a very fragmented partial layout. Something like a 0 to 1 number (or 0 to 100%) of if cached or not would be nice. or just some form of x if all partials are cached for that specific line we are in.

Just asking if it’s easy to add from how this is done, not proposing.

Sounds doable. /cc @moorereason

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@davidsneighbour, please open a feature request in Github.

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Done here: Add actually cached percentage column to --templateMetrics Β· Issue #8375 Β· gohugoio/hugo Β· GitHub