Cache potential all 0 with --templateMetricsHints

I tried out the new --templateMetricsHints with version 0.30, like so:

$ HUGO_ENV=production hugo --templateMetrics --templateMetricsHints

The cache potential column comes back all zeros, even for partials that contain only static HTML. I haven’t used partialCached at all yet, so it couldn’t be because they were already set to be cached.

Am I doing something wrong, or have I misunderstood what’s supposed to happen here? I was expecting at least a greater than 0 value for the static partials.

No, it should just work and I don’t see how it could not … 0 means that every output for a given partial is completely different (which is very rare).

But this is hard to debug without additional info … But not sure what. If you have a site online I could try to build it.

I couldn’t think of any other useful details to provide either. The site is in a private repo, but I could grant you access if you have a user?