Configuring the Goldmark Footnotes extension

I see that in the documentation for Goldmark Extensions, there is an option to set WithFootnoteBacklinkHTML. However, when I try to use that in my config.toml, it still shows the default glyph. Let’s say that I want to use ↑ as the character instead of the back arrow, can I do that?

Here’s what I’ve placed in my config.toml:

      WithFootnoteBacklinkHTML = "↑︎"

“Doesn’t work” means exactly what? Nothing is shown? A square is shown? In the latter case the font you are using at that position where the backlink html is supposed to be shown is not supporting the UTF8 character you are trying to show.

In any case… please provide a little bit more than “it’s not working” :slight_smile:

Hi, sorry. I meant that the default backlink glyph shows. I’ve updated the question.


I didn’t know WithFootnoteBacklinkHTML, here is how I did a while ago:

in partials/layouts/_default/single.html, replace {{ .Content }} with

{{ $footnoteReturnLink := (printf "${1}%s${2}" "↥") }}

{{ .Content | replaceRE "(<a (?:.*) class=\"footnote-backref\" (?:.*)>)(?:.*)(</a>)" $footnoteReturnLink | safeHTML }}

You may want to replace

Thank you! I tried this, but there was no change on my site. :expressionless:

I’ve since implemented sidenotes on the site; using the method that Tufte CSS uses. I suppose I’ll use that for some time until I figure this one out.