Website is showing top-level index.xml file, not public/index.html file

Hi: My website is supposed to be hosted here: The code is here. I had it working really well, but I’ve done something to mess it up. Somehow, the homepage is the index.xml file in the top directory and not the index.html file that is in the public subfolder.
I was following these directions very closely and got it to work, and then I just went and messed it up. I think I’ve done something wrong with the submodule but can’t figure it out.

When I run hugo server locally, the website looks great. I just can’t push it to github properly.

I solved this myself. I went back, made a backup of my content, followed the step-by-step instructions here and it worked beautifully.

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I have met the same problem, I am going to try the instructions you introduced, may it work properly!