Webeditor ready to dance with Hugo

Hugo is in it’s own league, when it comes to static site generators. But it needs a webeditor to get the same status as CMS.

However, the long awaited webeditor for Hugo may be at hand. Hokus seems to be a serious candidate at least.

Until recently Pendulum was the only option - known to me. But as stated up front: It’s a “simply markdown editor” for Hugo and others.

Hokus has raised the bar some meters with:

  • A really decent admin interface capable of handling several websites
  • Just click a button to push to localhost:1313, or click another to publish to directory
  • Advanced control with input for front-matter.

Most impressing in my view is the number of field types (components), that you have at hand, when you configure your input for front-matter metadata. The variety and level of control is so high, that the field types have their own Form Cookbook.

This feature makes Hokus not only a dancing partner for Hugo. It also turns Hokus into a form-frontend for markdown - with applications for note-taking - or any other type of content management for that matter.

One shortcoming has to be mentioned, though. All posts for a given website reside in a long, flat list. A filter on headlines is available, but the overview may get lost, if you use Hokus to manage medium to large websites.

However, I shouldn’t be surprised, if the developer is on the way with a better interface for posts. So far he has managed to respond within hours on GitHub, and feature requests are converted to features with almost same speed.


Hokus is looking interesting.

Are you aware of Forestry and Netlify CMS?