Web based editor with Cockpit

Hi there,

I’ve used Hugo for a couple of years on some web sites (not big indeed), and I love it. Also, I was aiming at something more user friendly than a git push/pull to update the site remotely and, why not, build something that I can make my customer use, so a web based editor was needed.
All the while maintaining the static site generation that’s the core of Hugo.

So after googling and githubbing I’ve stumbled upon Cockpit-Next (which is a generic CMS content creator) and a couple of php pages generated .md pages for Hugo from the APIs exposed by Cockpit-Next ( HugoPit by @sjardim).

Starting from HugoPit I’ve then written a proper plugin for Cockpit, hugocockpit, which now I use on my company site and a couple others. It’s still pretty basic, but it does what I want:

  1. create entries in collections with the fields/frontmatter I need in the Hugo template
  2. can upload images (still need some configuration, but then it’s automated)
  3. can generate from the web interfaces the .md files for Hugo
  4. can even run Hugo with a click of a button, and it will staticize the site

If you are interested, comments and criticism are welcome.


i will definitely check this out later today and post feedback.

I have been on the hunt for a usable Hugo frontend, that is free as in beer for a while now.

It is free. Usable, it’s usable at the moment by me and my nerdy business partner :slightly_smiling:
at the very least it needs an installation script that will do the most tedious tasks once and for all… and some good docs

It looks fantastic, @zontarian!

Glad my little experiment was an ‘inspiration’. This is WAY better what I’ve in mind when I started Hugopit. The problem was that my workload became huge and I had to stop playing around with it, and never came back. :disappointed:

I’ll try it someday, thank you! :slightly_smiling:

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@zontarian - This is absolute genius! Thank you for pulling this together. Would love to here more of your process around this. Also, would love to see the sites that you are running this process through. Thanks for building on @sjardim great work. This is really cool. Can’t wait to try this out.

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Thanks for the feedback, ad also thanks to @sjardim for his HugoPit.
Right now, since I’m the first to forget some installations steps (few but every one is needed) I’m writing an install wizard that will, hopefully, configure both Cockpit and the plugin in the correct (and coherent) way.
Stay tuned in a few hours/days!

As for the sites… at the moment one is a whimsical tongue in cheek for the current italian political situation (demo.torinocapitale.org) and the other is my corporate site Iakta srl.
next one will be a blog with my company’s open source projects (like Hugocockpit) and tinkerings… in some weeks

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I’ve just released version 0.3.5 with a brand new Installer.

Upon installing the plugin for the first time, when clicking on the nice Hugo icon, it will launch an installer that will setup everything for you (hopefully).