Vex Theme: How is Post using single.html?


I’m using the Vex Hugo template that is designed for products. It also comes with Blog (posts).
I would like to extend it slightly by using the same format that blog is using, which is single.html to make articles.

Articles shouldn’t appear in Blog section as it does now. I would like them to appear at the bottom of the main page as links. This is so I can create a cornerstone page on landing page.

So I have copy and pasted single.html and was wondering how it’s tied up. I search for it and I see that nothing is calling single.html. How is injected into a single.html?

Looks like a magic.

Thank you for hints,

Hi there, is using the single.html layout file because it is a regular page kind, which follows the lookup rules for regular pages: Hugo's Lookup Order | Hugo

in this case you have to create a /layouts/blog/single.html to force this right?

I actually got my head around it.

So I duplicated products and renamed it to articles.
Then I adjusted everything in the dependent files. It works now as expected. Thanks everyone.

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