Troubleshooting /themes/MYTHEME/layouts/SECTION/single.html not working

I have read through the docs and I’m pretty sure I am putting my single.html file in the correct place for a section.

I have the following:

I have created a custom theme.

But all of the blog posts are using the single.html layout from my theme’s _default directory.

What and how can I troubleshoot the problems? I tried moving the custom single.html file to all of the other places and nothing works.

I have Permalinks set? Does that affect the layouts at all?

@greathouse hi, can you paste your post’s frontmatter? Some settings in there can override what’s getting loaded.

The path /themes/MYTHEME/layouts/blog.single.html looks correct to me according to the docs. Personally, I’m chucking everything in /layouts/_default.

One trick to help see what template or partial is getting rendered is, to put html comments on the first and last lines.

An example:

I have those ENTERING / LEAVING statements in my templates and partials so that I can see what’s getting rendered, by doing view source.


1: putting the single layout in: themes/YOURTHEME/layouts/blog/single.html

2: the list layout in themes/YOURTHEME/layouts/section/blog.html

3: change type = "post" to type = "blog" in the frontmatter.

I think that should fix things as regards using the correct template. However, if you’ve written any other custom code elsewhere which depends on looking for type = "post" in the frontmatter, that might need adjusted too.