V0.55: 404 error: resource in bundle is found but link is invalid

Prior to v0.55, the following code would generate a link to the “.bib” file in a page bundle. In v0.55, the resource is found (GetMatch is successful) and the download link is generated, but the resource link is 404:

{{ $resource := $.Resources.GetMatch "*.bib" }}
{{ with $resource }}
<a href="{{ .Permalink }}">Download</a>
{{ end }}

Any ideas? Is it necessary to add further metadata or options in v0.55?

It should work, but … bugs has happened before. I would be surprised if this wasn’t caught in a test or two, though.

I will follow up in

I have checked and I cannot reproduce your issue, which must mean that there is something “special” going on in your case – do you have the source code online to share?

@bep the actual code which links to the resource: https://github.com/gcushen/hugo-academic/blob/01114416aaaafd61022c79deca445b1ca8bd70f7/layouts/partials/page_links.html#L32

Example page bundle containing the “.bib” file that no longer appears in the generated site for v0.55: https://github.com/gcushen/hugo-academic/tree/master/exampleSite/content/publication/conference-paper

With v0.53 everything was working fine :confused: In v0.55, Hugo correctly locates the resource and generates the link to the resource, but the resource is no longer present in the generated site, so the link gives 404 error.

Update: logged the issue (possible bug) at https://github.com/gohugoio/hugo/issues/5858