Resources.Match outside assets folder


I’m trying to get a resources.match outside the assets folder.

My current structure is:


I want to show the image1.jpg from the /img/ folder, but when I do {{ (resources.Get "**.jpg").RelPermalink }} to at least see if the code works I get the usual The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

I get that Hugo can’t read the img folder because its expecting to look into the /assets/ folder, but how do I tell it to look inside my content/issue-X/img

I’m generating the current issue number like so:


current = "1"

regular expression {{ $issue.current }}

{{ $issue_data := .Site.Data.issue_data.issue -}}

{{ $issue__data := trim .Section "issue-" -}}

{{ $issue := index $issue_data $issue__data -}}

From the page bundle docs on “Where can the resources live?”

Only in the directory level of the branch bundle directory i.e. the directory containing the

So if you want to use, you need to move your images up a directory.

I have one already there, sorry, forgot to mention.

Since you are getting an image (which is considered a “page resource” in this case) from a page bundle, you need to use different syntax. For example:

{{ $img := .Resources.GetMatch "*.jpg" }}
{{ $img.RelPermalink }}

See the page resource docs for more examples of getting matches