V0.35 serves a blank page on side menu link for theme Lanyon. v0.32.4 succeeds!

Is this also a problem with the theme? Is it similar to V0.33 until v0.34 both fail with blackburn theme ?

Hugo Static Site Generator v0.32.4 linux/amd64 BuildDate: 2018-02-03T08:52:15-05:00

Hugo Static Site Generator v0.35 linux/amd64 BuildDate: 2018-01-31T10:44:43Z

You need to post a link to your site’s source to make it possible to help you. Screenshots doesn’t help anyone.

give me a few minutes bep. I’ll reuse a testsite currently running with the theme vienna. Which by the way, some minor error with that theme had to be corrected (unrelated to this) and I had no time to open an issue with the author.


v0.32.4 side menu link works fine in my end. Not any release after that.

tested with three different machines running different Arch Linux all three of them

Also, themes that fail miserably or fail successfully (depending how you look at it) with all versions but v0.32.4 and earlier releases are as follow: blackburn and lanyon-hugo

themes that do not fail with v0.35 - > twentyfourteen