Utterances cookies can't saved in the site

Hello there, I use Utterances for comments but when I log in with my GitHub account the site just forgets me and asks for me to log in again. I checked the inspect/storage and saw that no Utterances cookies are saved. How can I enable that?

Cookies are not saved “in the site” they are saved I. Browser. Investigate your browser, content blockers and ad blockers if you using them.

I disabled all my ad blockers both on my site, github and utterances. Still the same result :confused:

How about using different browser?

I’m on firefox and I know utterances on other sites work on this browser.

But could you check please. It’s pointless to look anywhere else when this is not verified.

I tried with chromium, same result.

Could you pass link to your website where this is implemented?

Ok, I see the issue.

ps. its not Hugo related

It looks like your utterances is not correctly configured.

Have you go here

and have you installed Utterances app and give all permission needed?

I would recommend uninstalling Utterances and going once again through the setup process.

Ah, I see… I actually did everything that had been told there but I’ll try again. I really thought it was Hugo related sorry. Did you spot the issue by any chance? Utterances look fine on my GitHub applications page. Has all the permissions it needs.

The implementation of utterances looks ok. This is why I am thinking that there is something wrong with the communication of your website with GitHub or utterances with your repository.

as you are at the beginnig of the implementation, I would recommend you to try Giscus rather Utterances.

You trying to implement Comments. GitHub Issues by design are used for different purposes.
Utterances utilised what was available, but in meantime, GitHub introduced Discussions which are more suitable for use as comments on the website.

I have moved from Utterances (with the migration of all comments) to Giscus and described this on my website. This is written in Polish, but you can click the translate button located in the top-right corner.

Migracja systemu komentarzy z Utterances do Giscus – Dariusz Więckiewicz 🇵🇱.

Giscus worked! Thank you!

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