Is Hugo really for me?

Hi all,
I’m very new around here, begging for your understanding if my questions look silly.

I’ve recently learnt about the possibilities offered by Hugo for building a website.
My main concern is the affordability and ease of use for a non tech guy.

Here is my question:

Once the static site is up and running, can we add to it an open source marketing automation software like Mautic?

Thanks for your reply!!

It doesn’t work that way.

Web properties, marketing automation software, and customer relationship management systems interact with each other at various touch points—they are integrated.

One of the primary touch points is form handling, which static sites do not inherently provide.

Mautic is owned by Acquia, whose chairman and CTO is the creator and original project lead for the Drupal content management system. Consequently, Acquia has a vested interest in solid integration between the two packages.


@jmooring thanks for your answer.
Do you think that to build a personal brand site like this one:
or this one:
Is there any chance I can build them with Hugo? Or Drupal is the way to go?


Both of the sites you referenced were built with WordPress. They are dynamic sites with database backends.

ok, the thing is I wish I could avoid wordpress…I find it complicated although it is said all around that it is super easy to use… I might not belong to this world :slight_smile:

However, do you think that with a static site made with Hugo, we can get something close in term of functionality to the two examples I gave you ?

Btw, can we install analytics and Fb pixel on a static site?

You can get something close to the look and feel. That’s why I provided a link to the Hugo themes site. I have no idea what sort of “functionality” those sites offer, and I’m not going to spend any time investigating.


If I may add my 2 Cents:

Basically static sites are shown as they were generated before (see the Hugo website itself). You could try to ask yourself: Does any page of my website change by user input?

If your answer is “no” or your answer is “only the search page” Hugo is probably ok. If you process a lot user data you probably need a dynamic site (or Hugo with external services, for forms, online shops etc.).

(BTW: For some projects I use PHP within Hugo. Even that is possible.)


I’d be interested to see the source of such a project for inspiration. Do you have some public repo to show?

The companies have private repos only. But I can share the basic technique:

1) Of course, you can place PHP files in /static/, e.g. an email.php file.

2) Moreover, you can use something like this:


      - php
    mediaType: application/x-php
    isPlainText: true
    baseName: index
    - PHP



<?php phpinfo(); ?>


{{ partial "header.html" . }}

{{ .Content }}

{{ partial "footer.html" . }}

As far as I can see you cannot work with {{ define "main" }} in the PHP template file.