Using Hugo for a genealogy site

I plan to build a site dedicated to a genealogy tree and a family story.

I wonder whether Hugo could be a relevant solution for that.

If so, what could be the proper structure for the site :

  • data driven content with data for each family members (bios, etc.)
  • a site structure with appropriate tags or related posts to implement the relationships between family members
  • A combination of both

Any guidance or even an already implemented example would be much appreciated.
Thanks a lot

My opinion: use something else.

The problem you are trying to solve has been solved many times before. There are commercial and open source packages available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Many of these packages can import/export GEDCOM data, manage relationships, manage media (photos, birth certificates, death certificates, etc.), produce HTML for your website, and generate PDFs.

In the open source arena, it seems like Gramps is fairly popular, available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

But like I said, there are many options.


Thank you for your advice.
I will explore other routes as suggested.

Oh my god, I am pretty sure Gramps is as old as the internet itself. I remember using it last century. They had a very nice website export functionality back then with user defined stylesheets and theme files if I remember right. Absolutely worth a look.

If you have too much time on your hands and know what you are doing (in regards to building websites, doing design and build structures) it’s not impossible to do it with hugo. It has features like data templates and taxonomies that would fit perfectly for a geneaology database. Most information (dates, gender, events, relations) would reside in the front matter of the people (posts) and their life story would be the content.

The only problem I see is that it takes lots of time to built up the structures (use maybe a family with three generations to play around and set the system up).

Also: Why reinvent the wheel if gramps did it already. I am pretty sure they matured perfectly.

Sorry I didn’t see this MUCH sooner. I have a similar interest but my progress has been VERY slow. I do keep a bit of background information on the web at Check it out.

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If anyone can provide a link to any genealogy themes, I would appreciate it.

I have several genealogy programs that I maintain my trees in, however a Hugo Genealogy Website would be very useful as a research tool, and backup to any website and business that my trees would be in.

The first thing it would provide would be freedom from a database, something that can be opened in a text editor, viewed and searched in the browser, kept private, searchable, control over documents and images.

I would assume markdown files would be a safer choice for those accessing these files in the future, and easier to disseminate to others.

I am using HUGO in a family history site, which is a general blog and it has been excellent for sharing data and meeting new relatives. It’s turning into a shared repository for data, where I can quickly access links, sources, content whereever I am.