Using Hugo for a family history site


I’m doing genealogy since more than 20 years. After looking for the father of the father of the father of…, I looked at the family history around the people. And the result is lot of photos, papers, stories, post cards and so on.

I began to use WordPress but it was too much for my needs. I tried several static sites generators (MkDocs and so on) and finally chose Hugo.

I built a new theme for my own purposes…and it’s (till now ?) only in french.

I just want to share my work in order to have feedback (UI, technical…). Maybe it will help someone or give ideas.

I began to describe it in the README file of the repo. I will complete with the taxonomy usage.

The repo contains the data and the theme (next step : separate into two repos).

I keep in mind some new features to implement (reduce photo size before deploying for example). It’s still Work In Progress.

The site :
The repo : Fred GALLOIS / genealogie-docs · GitLab

Don’t hesitate to give a feedback.