Using captchas and the nature of spam

Again off topic but doesn’t Netlify have a robots honeypot or captcha option?

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Yes, but this captures robots and that is no longer the burning issue. It is real people going through thousands of sites and submitting spam that is the current problem, not robots.

The anti-spam processing is supposed to throw up a captcha image when it detects something spammy. Either that isn’t working or the spammers are just completing the captcha anyway.

I’ve just uploaded some additional changes to see if they improve things.

insane. what is the purpose? companies paying to get these people to spam their links so someone might click on it and get their product or see their ads?


Well, they already earn next to nothing or have no job opportunity so when some shady online operator offers a tiny amount to drive up clicks, they will try anything it seems. As long as they can generate just a few people to actually click on something or go somewhere with malware, there is a percentage to be made. They have a computer, an Internet connection and LOTS of time. This is a living in many parts of the world. Eastern Europe is high on the list.

There is a darker side too when you look at state sponsored activities but that is usually somewhat different in that they are more often either spreading descent, false information or malware.

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