Layout works locally, is ignored when sit is deployed

I have layouts/_default/contact.html in my repo to override themes/iWriter-hugo/layouts/_default/contact.html that is pulled in as a submodule. When I’m working locally and viewing the site via hugo serve -w, my local layout is used as expected. Conversely, the one from the theme is used when I deploy the site to Netlify… anyone have any suggestions on how to debug this?

When I view source on the live site, how would I be able to determine which one is being used?

If my local one is being used, the form action would include netlify netlify-honeypot="always-empty"

That’s not how Netlify forms work. Please read their documentation:

When Netlify’s build bots parse the static HTML during post-processing, they automatically strip the netlify-honeypot attribute from the <form> tag, leaving the honeypot input field in place. I

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Thank you! It seems I used an incorrectly setup form as the basis of remembering how to do this. My corrections are now live on my site and have been submitted to the theme I use via Add support for Netlify to contact form by genebean · Pull Request #7 · statichunt/iwriter-hugo · GitHub

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