Validate form content with API call (Akismet alternatives)

Has anyone here successfully used the Akismet API to validate form submissions?

From what I can see, they require datapoints that aren’t typically available for a server-less setup (such as user IP, referrer)

Is there an alternative that I can use purely with what is doable using client-side JavaScript?

I’m using a honeypot field already, but some clever spam still gets through. I don’t want to use reCaptcha.

I’m looking to cut down on form spam, without using a third-party form handler.

Any tips?



I use a combination of honeypot field and disabling form submit until key press or mouse/touch event. Works surprisingly well.

The only downside is that the form will not work without JavaScript.

I use this for the contact form in my Hugo Zen theme.

A live version of the form Contact –

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thanks for the code, I’ll give that a shot!

Is this jQuery?

Almost, been using that is more or less a light weight version of jQuery.

The concept can easily be implemented in vanilla JS.

Your solution actually worked. Switched to Formspree.

I’ve only implemented the submit button locking code (not the form hiding part) from frjo’s suggestion, and that is working great already:

// Unlock the submit button if mouse is moved (desktop)
window.addEventListener('mousemove', function () {    
    document.getElementById("submitBtn").disabled = false;

// Unlock the submit button if touchscreen is dragged (mobile)
window.addEventListener('touchmove', function () {    
    document.getElementById("submitBtn").disabled = false;

// Unlock the submit button if tab or enter is pressed (keyboard)
window.addEventListener('keydown', function (e) {    
    if ((e.key === "Enter") || (e.key === "Tab")) {
        document.getElementById("submitBtn").disabled = false; 
        // console.log(e.key);

Some (but very little) spam gets through. What has worked great for the remaining spam, is cycling through the POST values before sending them, and do a simple check for a URL in any fields that shouldn’t naturally contain any (since most spam wants you to click on a URL, which will only show up as a blue link if it contains http:// or https://):

// for spam, check if string contains a URL
function containsUrl (content) {
  return (/(https?:?\/\/)/.test(content));


That simple check has worked great also. Obviously proceed with caution and only apply to fields that really would not contain URLs naturally. Thanks again frjo!

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