User Generated Content to static site

I am utilizing Hugo for a project of mine which is an informational website ( non-profit ) providing viewers with Internship opportunities and competitions and other career related content. The site has been hosted on Netlify

Most of the content on the site is supposed to be user generated which is currently
reviewed by me before posting. Currently I am inviting content to my e-mail and manually converting them to posts, however I wish to automate this process as much as possible without inviting any costs.

So is there any way, I can setup like a form that automatically adds a new .md file with the contents which I can review before making it live.

Someone suggested me a google form to github entry via app scripts triggers and api, I tried executing it, but it is not very reliable and too prone to too many errors like same file name errors etc.

Therefore I am looking for the better and efficient solution to this.

Phil Hawksworth built a Jamstack comments engine a few years back with Netlify forms, Slack and some Lambda functions. Might be worth checking out.

You could use Hugo’s GetRemote function to work with the data. Regis has written a really nice article about building pages from remote data which will show you how to generate markdown pages from the data.

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