Rss generation for catagories content on netlifty not working

Hi I have an issue with rss feed generation. I followed the instructions carefully and referenced the RSS Feed in my head tag using the RSS template instructions. it works great, but its not generating a index.xml file for the content “categories” on my CDN Netlify, but it generates the file locally. Is this a hugo version issue between what deployment environment is running on netlify and what I am running locally?

This link should be being generated but its not, it works locally.
The category authoring is located on this page
My github project is here
Every other rss feed generation is working accept the “categories” content, this page is an example of it working with other types of content.

What Hugo version are you using on Netlify vs local?

Netlify is: Build command
Local is: v0.40.3

It looks like you can edit the build settings, maybe change the build version. Should I take this up with netlify?

Just make the version in your netlify.toml match your local version

So I deploy directly to the master branch. Im not too familiar with pull requests and using different branches. Is there a site that can help me understand this? If I enabled this new version will deploys be built using the new version whenever I make a change and push it to the master branch?