Use hugo to just to manage documents <- crazy idea?

What if I am less interested in a spiffy website, than I am in just keeping some documents organised? Probably less than 1000 markdown docs, and just a few images.

I really like hugo taxonomy. Combine that with a private bitbucket repo, and I could keep everything online and backed up. And it would be easy to find my files.

Bad idea?

Also, does hugo create a static html page for every md file?

I think the answer to this is largely up to you, but to give you an idea of just how much I use Hugo…

I have about 1500 markdown files that are just my meeting notes for work. All in a private repo. One day during a meeting I got bored and put together a real quick site that also spits out the files into a (quite large now) JSON file and then use Lunr to search and taxonomies (just tags and attendees) and some front matter specific to PDF agenda. It’s all in a pvt GH repo…when I want to review notes, etc, I just spin up Hugo’s local server…I find it very convenient.

If you’re talking about actual “document management” though, Hugo is a terrible idea…but Markdown? Sure, why not?

Hugo does not support auto-generation of file lists for subfolders. If your documents are located in folders with depth more than two levels, then the file lists need to do manually, or by external scripts.
For example, this list of files is done manually, because it is the third level folders.