URL management of taxonomies

I’m trying to change the name of the taxonomy, tags

I’ve gone through the docs and they say:

You can also configure permalinks of taxonomies with the same syntax, by using the plural form of the taxonomy instead of the section. You will probably only want to use the configuration values :slug or :title.

This is the example that the quote above refers to:

  post = "/:year/:month/:title/"

Config.toml file:

  tags = "/:title/"

  tag = "tags"

Front matter in markdown file: content > posts > apple.md:

company = "Apple"
date = "2017-10-20T17:21:54+02:00"
description = "Best apples
tags = [“Apple”]
title = "“New York Apples”

Taxonomy file: layout > taxonomy > tag.html

  {{range $name, $taxonomy := .Site.Taxonomies.tags}}

The markdown file renders at /tags/apple but I’m looking for it to render at /apple/.

What am I doing wrong or have I misunderstood the renaming of taxonomies?

Any thoughts, please?

You cannot exclude taxonomy names from the URL in Hugo out-of-the-box.

This topic has come up many times in the past. Read this informative post over here: Remove /tags in slug

Also use the search button in this forum.