[solved] Is there an easy way to get the taxonomies with singular in url?

is there an easy way to get the taxonomies lists with singular instead of plural in the url? I mean, the default is i have a page behind the url


But I want the url to be in singular:


Analog to category/categories. Is this possible with hugo?

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You can define the single/plural yourself in config.toml:

    tag = "tag"

Unfortunately, this does not work. Where can i find documentation to this [Taxonomies] - especially i am interested in the difference to [Indexes], which i saw in an other post.

Indexes is the old word for taxonomies.

Documentation is at

Thanks for the reply. Just to recap my settings according to documentation here: http://gohugo.io/taxonomies/usage/

My config has the section:

  tag = "tag"
  category = "category"

And i have at least one post with this taxonomy:

  - abadox
  - aces

I have restarted hugo. But i still get the tags/ page und not tag/ :frowning: Anything i need to change in addition?

oh, i deleted the public/ directory and everything got newly generated. Now it works as expected. Thanks for the help, bep!

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