Unmarshal failed: toml: invalid character at start of key

Looking for assistance I am currently having trouble loading a theme through the cli of a theme I’m using called resume. The CLI I’m attempting to execute is ‘hugo -t, --themeDir’. After some testing on the error log for inputting the CLI command, I get an invalid character start at key, or key thme already defined maybe even key description defined, these are all errors. When using only the CLI ‘-t’ command I get an invalid character at start of key. Is this because I need to use the --themeDIr command after it? My objective is to test an exmapleSite folder, and the README dictates that I can.

I doubt that anyone can help you without you showing the relevant code. Are you literally typing hugo -t, --themeDir? That can’t work, as it is either -t or --themeDir – not both, separated with a comma.

And you must provide the directory of your theme with this switch. If you go with the default themes, just omit the switch.

Maybe take a look at the Hugo documentation and its “Getting started” section? Following those instructions should get you going. And if an error creeps up, it’s a lot easier to help you here.

In general, you should post errors verbatim, not some kind of interpretation, translation or abbreviation.

Informative information, will take a look and further analyze the situation.