Error: Warning for missing template that does exist; Breaks site build

I believe this might be the same issue as reported by @budparr in Error: Warning for missing template that does exist. However, @budparr’s note suggests this is merely a WARN messaging bug, but I’m seeing that the output that was generated is no longer being generated.

Reference repo:

(sorry, I had awesome links to SHAs but discourse won’t let me use them because I’m new)

Despite following guidance from the WARN message for acceptable layout locations (as stored in this commit message, df56acc, only the most general, _default/single.<ctype>, seems to work (3983be). Following the original warning and moving templating logic up in priorrity into the language-aware layout file, _default/single.en.<ctype>, returns hugo to:

  1. Displaying a warning (95a4b)
  2. No longer creating the proper output in public/ (as could be generated in (3983be). In that SHA, after running hugo -D, public/ contains the expected output:
➜  newcontent git:(3983be4) cat public/posts/my-first-post/
## This is some markdown

Some Debugging stuff...


I like to write things in markdown and i don't want the following turned into

* Pac Man
* Arkanoid
* Xevious
* Zaxxon

## End of markdown

I didn’t see a response to @budparr’s post recognizing this as an issue or no, but I’m hoping someone here can confirm my testing.



I may be completely off the mark here - but I think only HTML (or XML) can be in the layouts directory. So if you want to override the single template, you’ll need to do that by writing a valid html file.