Unexpected token

Hello again!

So after loads of hours of developing my website i have ran into the greatest error in the world.

Error: While parsing config: (1, 1): unexpected token


I have no idea where this horror is coming from.

I was just running last tests, everything was running okay.

as you can see my config should be very well in order, i have made a new fresh installment of the hugo-icon pack twice now and transfered my old toml into and back out of and nothing is budging.

Where else should i look in?

Show us your full config.toml file as code, not as a screenshot.

it seems that it has also messed up the UTF-8 or whatever, all my Õ’s and Ö’s are replaced by question marks

This seems to be even a bigger issue, even though In my header.html partial i have a clear utf-8 meta tag, its still showing them up as question marks

Well the unexpected token miracuasly has disappeared, now my UTF-8 characters arent showing up.

Alas!!! I figured out why it was showing me that error!

My .toml file was in UTF-8 encoding, thus it didnt work, but how is that possible?

From start to finish with the hugo-icon ive used utf-8 characters, only up until now i figured out that the toml file should be in somekind of encoding… how?!

No, I’ve used UTF-8 for all my files for years. Sounds like something else munging up that file.

What editor are you using?

I use mainly sublime but quick edits in notepad.

I changed the file from ANSI and UTF and whenever it was in UTF it threw the token error.

I also feel that theres something else going on since one haven’t been dealing with any encodings up until now

If you mean the Notepad that comes free with Windows, it’s known to mess with files. I would not use it ever.

for quick edits switch from notepad to notepad++ :sunglasses:


Concur. My employees use this w/ no such file-munging trouble.


Sorry to keep you’s waiting.

And indeed you were right, windows notepad is a no-no for editing files!

I wonder why though

It’s been a problem for years. Just say no. :slight_smile:

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Notepad defaults to ANSI encoding so it has to “guess” when it doesn’t understand certain UTF-8 items (that’s the weird symbols you saw).

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Maybe in another 30 years it will do Unicode.


Ha, I knew it’d been long but… wow.