Unable to get local CSV rendering

Hugo version 0.27

Trying to parse a local csv file and I’m unable to do so.

My csv is located at /static/data/leaders.csv

Code is:

{{ $url := "static/data/leaders.csv" }}
{{ $sep := "," }}
{{ range $i, $r := getCSV $sep $url }}
    <td>{{ index $r 0 }}</td>
    <td>{{ index $r 1 }}</td>
    <td>{{ index $r 2 }}</td>
{{ end }}

No errors being thrown, what am I missing?


Originally I had the getCSV function directly in a single page, for a lark I put it inside a partial and now it works!

So my question now is does it always need to go inside a partial, or is there any way to render it directly in a layout html page?