Problems using range with a local csv file

I’m having an issue trying to range a local csv file, I’m using the docs example and I keep getting this error in the console:

ERROR 2018/05/23 16:25:07 Error while rendering "page" in "company/": template: theme/_default/team.html:54:37: executing "theme/_default/team.html" at<getCSV "," "/csv/tes...>: error calling getCSV: Cannot find separator , in CSV.

This is what my code looks like:

{{ $url := "/csv/test.csv" }}
{{ $sep := "," }}
{{ range $i, $r := getCSV $sep $url }}
    <div>Name: {{ index $r 0 }} - Title: {{ index $r 1 }}</div>
{{ end }}

My csv file is located in: themes/theme_name/static/csv/text.csv

The content of my csv file:

Benjamin Marte,Developer
Charles Burgess,Developer
Chris Leyva,Designer

If I render out the $url in a a tag I am able to download the csv file so hugo should be able to read from it.

Any help figuring out what I am doing wrong would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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If that really is the content of your CSV, it isn’t valid. Any entry with a space in it must be surrounded by double-quote marks.

So I updated my CSV to this and I still get the error :-/



OK, next I would suggest trying to dump the whole file out by stripping everything back to just:

{{ (getCSV "," "/csv/test.csv") | safeHTML }}

Or similar. To see if you still get the error or get some valid output.

Ok I finally solved the issue, the problem was it was not loading the csv file even though the link was correct so I used printf to concatenate the file path with thee .Site.BaseURL and it works now.

Final code for reference:

{{$csv := printf "%scsv/test.csv" .Site.BaseURL}}
{{$sep := ","}}
{{range $i, $r := getCSV $sep $csv}}
     {{if gt $i 0}}
        <p>Name: {{index $r 0}} {{index $r 1}}</p>
        <p>Title: {{index $r 2}}</p>

Thanks for your help @TotallyInformation