Show content of csv as table in blogpost


I have a very basic question of understanding:
I have sporadic tables (spreadsheets) that I can use

  • would like to make tables directly visible in blog posts
  • but also wants to make it available to the readers for download

As far as I understand it so far, the starting point of the research:

There I read, however, that the function getCSV needs a partial. But partials are used in templates. But I want to use this - as described - only at single places in the text of single blogposts, to avoid the double maintenance of the tables and to keep them consistent.

Can I call the partial in e.g. a shortcode? There I would have to specify the filename of the csv file, this would then have to be passed on to getCSV and there read the file and generate the table for the blogpost …

I hope that I have made this somewhat understandable.

Yes. getCSV is available in templates: partial, shortcode, etc.