Tutorial: Netlify + Stripe serverless eCommerce on the JAMstack

For some time now I have been looking into creating a Hugo eCommerce project with Stripe payments. A tutorial was published yesterday on the Netlify blog and I am posting its various forms here for reference, in case anyone is also interested into making this work with Hugo.

Step-by-step videos

The tutorial in written form

The original video

The products in this tutorial are created on the fly with JS from a JSON file. This can also be achieved with the Hugo CLI without the JS as discussed here, of course everything will be more robust once this issue as well as this one, are addressed.

IMO the big advantage of using Hugo (as well as any other static site generator) would be the ultra fast and safe static storefront that is SEO friendly without the need to deal with complexities like for example SSR (Server Side Rendering) for eCommerce.

Of course all this is meant for a small business as the Serverless Lambda Functions can get expensive once the free limits of Netlify are met (however there is also AWS Amplify to consider).

If you want to create a massive eCommerce website then the above is probably not ideal for such use.


Thanks a million @alexandros for this.

This uses only Javascript, but it put me on the right track to make a proper “Full Hugo” online shop with just Netlify & Stripe.

Thanks again for the links.

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